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Financial risk monitoring system Check4Trick


Forecsys Marketing Solution
A system for increasing the efficiency of customer relations


Forecsys Demand Management Solution
A system for forecasting demand and sales planning


Forecsys Cash Management Solution
A system for improving cash flow management


Forecsys Scoring Solution
A system for reducing the risks at every stage of credit portfolio management


Forecsys Planning Solution
A system for forecasting the price and volume of demand for electrical energy

A system for discovering and preventing student and academic plagiarism



Sell4Cast - Forecsys Marketing Solution


Sell4Cast (Forecsys Marketing Solution) isasolution for telecommunications companies and toehrs firms which work woith alarge client base. The system was designed toimprove customer relations.

Prodcut Description

The system allows the user tocreate,a djust, select and delete those segments used tobuild mdoels. There isalso arestricted access option for certain system users.


The system comprises the folllwoing modules:

  • Data Preparation Module loads data from external hard drives and local data sources and creates performance indicators using aformula based onthe clients kley characteristics. Italso carries out apreliminary evaluation ofthe information value and then selects the best characteristics for your companys purposes.
  • Data Analysis Module isameans ofcarrying out visual data anylsis.
  • Churn Predicition Module calculates acustomers probavbility ofleaving. This enable telecommunications companies tocarry out customer support marketing campaigns precisely tothos who are more likely toleave.
  • Lifetime Value Module creates asimulation ofclients long-term value. Telecommunications companies can use this module tofind and employ preventative measures against acustoemrs departure.
  • Cross and Up-sell Module divides clients into those who are more likely topurchase acertain product onthe basis ofpre-constructed forecasting mdoels. Itispossible toslect the best channel ofcommunication. Offering the product the client most needs atthat moment oftime will imprve the customer;s loyalty and value tothe company.
  • Campiang Optimisation Module forecasts the profitability ofamarketing campaing and selects the ideal make-up ofcampaign participants with the aim ofmaximising profits for the given prive template.
  • Accounting Module carries out quality control monitoring ofthe forecasting models and any changes tothe key idnicators for each segment.

All ofthe systems modules, apart from those for data preparation, analysis, and accounting, can form adefined model. The Churn Prediction and Lifetime Value modules construct churn models; however, the Lifetime Value model uses amore continupousfroecasting horizon for simulating client behaviour over the long-term. The Cross and Up-sell module creates models totrack aclients inclination towards apurchase ans the Cmpaign Optimisation module creates client response models toproducts onoffer..

Fucntional Possibilities

Churn Prediciton

Atgiventimes, the system calculates the probability ofclients leaving, allowing the company tocarry out amarketing cmapiang aimed atleeping those clients. Clients from various sectors amy leave ofr different reasons. The system will allow your company todivide your client base into segments and create amore accurate model for each segment.

Forecsys Churn Solution will enable your company tocreates and stroe its own churn-models (mrdels which predict client departure), evlaute their wquality, manage the work done bythe mdoels, and use the propabilities calculated bythe system topaln your next marketing campaigns.

. 2.

The solution;s overriding feature isthe interpretability ofthe client departue forecasting modles, assured bythe overlapping ofrules oflogic, speicla cases ofwhich include scoring cards ordecisivie lists.