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Телекоммуникационные компанииForecsys is offering Sell4Cast (Forecsys Marketing Solution) — a solution for telecommunications companies and other firms which work with a large client base. The system was designed to improve customer relations.

The system comprises four modules which provide a churn prediction, create a client value simulation for the long-term future, determine each client’s inclination to particular products, and improve marketing campaigns.

Churn Prediction

At given times, the system calculates the probability of clients leaving, allowing the company to carry out a marketing campaign aimed at keeping those clients.

Clients from various sectors may leave for different reasons. The System will allow your company to divide your client base into segments and create a more accurate model for each segment.

Client Value Simulation

The client value simulation system allows your company to choose the most valuable clients at whom to target the marketing campaigns as well as determine the overall value of the client base and its value by segments.

This system helps you to create marketing campaigns aimed at increasing customer loyalty and minting customers by maximising their long-term value. It is also possible to work out the best ways in which to ensure your customers do not leave.

Determining a client’s inclination towards a certain product

The system for determining a client’s inclination towards a certain product leads to more efficient Cross and Up-sell campaigns and increased customer loyalty by means of determining the probability of them purchasing certain products.

Offering a client a product of which they have great need at that moment in time is the best way in which to increase customer value and loyalty.

Improving marketing campaigns

In order to carry out new and varied marketing campaigns you will first need to divide your clients into those segments which are more likely to respond to the campaign. The Marketing Campaign Improvement system provides the methods and tools needed to construct easy-to-use response models and profit models for each campaign.

This system will allow you company to forecast the profits form a future marketing campaign based on previous campaign revenues, as well as choose the ideal number of participants in every campaign in order to maximise profits.

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