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Transport network

Транспортные сетиForecsys is offering transport companies a consultancy service on the development of transport network imitation models. Their purpose is to help calculate the maximum and average carrying capacity in various configurations. The solution is designed to help strategic, tactical, and operational planning decisions concerning the company’s business activities.

The solution will allow transport companies to evaluate the effect of carrying out reconstruction work and making adaptations to the current running of the network before these changes happen. This will enable them to lower the risks involved in the planning; for example, those risks which arise during the reconstruction, redevelopment, or construction of new facilities.

The imitation model will help make improvements in the following areas:

  • transport networks;
  • routes;
  • timetables;
  • the parking layout;
  • the location of parking spaces on the selected territory;
  • the consequences of reconstruction work.

In 2005 Forecsys was chosen by Domodedovo International Airport, CJSC to design and develop an imitation model of air traffic using the airport’s transport network. As part of the project Forecsys developed a pilot version of the system, the test results of which confirmed the company’s capabilities for building imitation models of the airport’s activity.

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